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Trust attend Supporters Direct course in Kilmarnock

Supporters Direct Scotland meeting

Supporters Direct Scotland meeting

The Accies Trust attended an excellent Board Member Development course at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock on the 6th of September.

The course was organised by Elaine Millar and James Proctor of Supporters Direct Scotland. Also in attendance were the Killie Trust (Kilmarnock) and the Queens Trust (Queen of the South).

The 6-hour session covered a range of topics such as the structure of Trusts, shareholding rights, governance, planning, organisation of boards, responsibilities, structuring meetings, communication and stakeholders.

It gave the board members who attended (Chairman David Ogg, Secretary Craig Rankin and Graeme Brown) an ideal opportunity to analyse the current workings of the Trust, gather ideas from other participants and look at efficiently managing the Trust, along with the fellow board members, into the future.

The Trust also gained a greater understanding of the principles of Supporters Direct Scotland and their advice and contacts will prove invaluable to the Trust over the coming years.

We also had an opportunity to discuss how the other Trusts build relationships with their local communities and clubs and how the Trust can be the linchpin between the two.

Our thanks go to Elaine and James for organising the session, the Killie Trust for arranging the venue and David Linden, of the Queens Trust, for supplying the above picture.

A valuable event which should lay a solid foundation as the Accies Trust moves forward.

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09 2009